Meet Kev2tite

Kelvin iwezife Ossai, also known as kev2tite is from Delta State Amayi LGA Ndukwa South, Kelvin was born on September 20th 1981 in Jos plateau state. He attended st murumba college jos , then later further his higher Education at university of jos.

Kelvin started his music career at an early age, and for the love of music kelvin join a drama and singing group called (DE Unknown) and later became the leader of the group.

Kelvin was born to be a leader so he decided to start up his own solo musical career.

Kelvin achieve a lot of awards, and have impacted, and given it back to the society as part of his social development to his country NIGERIA.

Watch out for kelvin iwezife ossai A.k.A kev2tite.


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